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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Renectin Antiscar remove existing scars? Renectin Antiscar is not meant to remove existing scars. Scarring is part of the natural healing process which can take years. Renectin Antiscar works by targeting the root cause of scarring to prevent its formation. Renectin Antiscar prevents the further formation of new scars and softens the appearance of old scars.

2. How soon can I use Renectin Antiscar after my injury/cut? You can use Renectin Antiscar once your wound has closed and your scab has fallen out. Please do not apply Renectin Antiscar onto open wounds.

3. How often/long should I use Renectin Antiscar? We recommend you to apply a new patch each day for 8-12 hours for a period of 60 days. You can use for a longer or shorter period depending on your needs.

4. Should I leave on the patch 24 hrs a day for maximum benefit? Please refrain from doing so. Renectin Antiscar has a waterproof layer which prevents dehydration of the skin to aid the healing process. However your skin still needs to breathe. Allow your skin to breathe by using the patch 8-12 hours a day.

5. Where can I buy Renectin Antiscar? As we have limited supply, we currently sell directly through our website or through selected private clinics. We will update the list of clinics along the way.

6. Is Renectin Antiscar safe to use? Yes, we would think that you will be happy to know that Renectin Antiscar is dermatologically/clinically tested with no reported safety events. In any event of rashes, stop usage and consult with your doctor. Please also inform us if you encounter any issues so that we can be of assistance.

7. Is Renectin Antiscar very obvious? I want to go out normally. Yes you can go out normally. Renectin Antiscar when applied, appears like a transparent layer of waterproof plaster. Remember that there are always options. You could also use Renectin Antiscar in the evening before sleeping and removing it before going out too if this bothers you.

8. Will the patch still work well if I cut it into smaller sections so that I can use a patch for multiple, shorter scars? Yes you can do so. In our clinical testing, patients have actually done so on their own. Based on how the patch is designed, we however do not recommend this as cutting the patch into smaller sections will affect its waterproofing abilities. The targeting and hydration effects are not affected but your patch may not stick so easily or dirt can go to your wound. If you must do so, please use surgical tape to keep Renectin Antiscar in place.

9. Why is there only 1 size? We hear you! As our product is new to the market, we are starting out with 1 size and then taking in inputs from patients like yourself. Please let us know what size works best for you.

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