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Team RNAscence

We come with different skillsets, perspectives, backgrounds and viewpoints. What we have in common is the dream to one day build a global champion in biotechnology which will shape lives for the better.


We believe that our technology will one day provide simple solutions to incredibly complex skin problems. We have already witnessed this in smartphones, where technological advances allow for devices which are simple to use yet are incredibly complex underneath the hood.


Our team is dedicated to advancing RNA technologies such that solutions to skin diseases are simple to apply and yet technologically marvellous the way smartphones are today. 

We genuinely believe everyone should be viewed based on their ideas and opinions rather than their background. With this in mind, we want to build an egalitarian company for all walks of life.

Timothy Tan, PhD

Co-founder, Co-inventor

Timothy Tan is currently an Associate Professor at Nanyang Technological University, School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. His research in RNA nanoparticles has led to simple to use, effective solutions to scar prevention. As the Chief Scientific Advisor to the company, Timothy Tan charts the pathway of our scientific development. His dream is to bring about the renascence of RNA technology to the world.

Chan Wen Kiat

Co-founder, CEO

Wen Kiat is a final year PhD student working under the supervision of Timothy Tan in the School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology in Nanyang Technological University. Prior to his PhD, he worked in the education, banking and finance, and marketing. As CEO, he brings together his diverse experiences and interests in forging a formidable team where everyone can play to their strengths.


Chun Yong Yao, PhD

Co-founder, Co-inventor

Yong Yao is currently a Research Fellow at Nanyang Technological University, School of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. Working with Timothy Tan, they developed a method to stabilise RNA nanoparticles. As the Chief Technical Advisor to the company, Yong Yao brings to company skills which are needed to produce RNA nanoparticles for large-scale manufacturing. Renectin Antiscar is the fruit of his 8 year labour.

Diana Chor

General Manager

Diana is currently the General Manager of the company. Prior to this role, she worked in Human Resource in a multinational company. As General Manager, she views the company as a living organism with different parts which need to work well together. She relishes being a part of a high-paced start up where challenges are seen as opportunities. Her keen eye for detail and design is indispensable to the team.

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