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Renectin Antiscar

World's first RNA-based scar prevention patch


What is Renectin Antiscar?

Renectin Antiscar is a dermatologically and clinically-tested dissolving microneedle patch developed using a proprietary technology.

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Scientifically proven to target the root cause of scarring.
Hydrating, painless and steroid-free.

Made in Singapore.

How Does It Work?

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Why Renectin Antiscar works?


When applied onto skin, the microneedle patch delivers our proprietary RNA nanoplex active ingredient by dissolving into the skin.  Our RNA nanoplex is scientifically proven to prevent scar formation.

Abstract Water


Dry skin is clinically proven to cause scar formation. The hyaluronic acid microneedle patch dissolves into the skin, giving a boost of hydration to prevent dryness and reduce scar formation.

Proven Effectiveness*


See improvement in trials


Scar volume reduction after 60 days

Heal better than standard of care

*Based on 12 patients according to change in scar volume measured by a high-resolution 3D scanner.

Results may vary patient-by-patient.

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