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Renectin Antiscar

The world's FIRST RNA-based scar prevention patch


Developed after 20,000 hours of research at two leading research and medical institutions in Singapore.


I can see the result that I expected within a certain timeline. Cut down the pain of seeing the scar.  Happy and relieved when knowing the scar is healing well after using the RNA patch.

Patient with surgery on chest area, National Skin Centre, Singapore

Recovery is good and scar is barely noticeable. 

Patient with surgery on forearm, National Skin Centre, Singapore

As expected the scar went off after RNA (patch).

Patient with surgery on face, National Skin Centre, Singapore

My son's scar healed a lot better (where the patch was applied) than compared to the area obscured by hair.

Concerned parent of a 3-year old child.

How Renectin Works

"Renectin Antiscar reminds me of what we can achieve if we keep persevering and carrying on despite numerous times of failing and trying, with no end result in sight.

This is the result of my life's work and I wish you and your loved ones a speedy recovery." 


YY Chun, PhD


Next Generation Scar Care

Renectin Antiscar is the first major innovation in scar prevention, since the invention of the silicon sheet, 40 years ago.

We are creating a new class of scar prevention products, which actively targets the root cause of scarring.

Welcome to the world of Active Scar Care.

Active Scar Care

  1. Targets root cause of scarring.

  2. Delivered into the skin.

Passive Scar Care

  1. Does not target root cause.

  2. Applied onto skin surface.

RNA Nanoplex Active Ingredient

Renectin nanoplex

Targets root cause of scarring.

Scientifically proven to reduce scarring.


Proprietary technology protects RNA.

Tested to ISO 10993 standard.

Dermatologically & clinically tested.


Targeted Delivery


The skin is a natural barrier. Unlike products applied onto the skin surface, our dissolving microneedles penetrate into your skin to painlessly deliver the RNA nanoplex.

Renectin microneedle

When the microneedles dissolve inside your skin, the RNA nanoplex is released into your skin. 

Renectin microneedle dissolve
Renectin Antiscar dissolving

Proven Effectiveness*


Prefer Renectin over silicone gel sheets (having used both for 60 days).


Scar volume reduction after 60 days

Heal better than standard of care

Comparison of post-surgical scars on 3D scanner before and after therapies

*Based on 30 patients according to change in scar volume measured by a high-resolution 3D scanner.

Results may vary person-to-person.

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